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what in the hell is wrong with me? a few days ago i ran into K with what turned out to be his boss...i had no idea he was so young. we hung out all afternoon. they went with me to get my lip pierced and they ended up getting tattoos. it was really surprising once i realized that K and aruka-san were apparently involved as well, as they were very affectionate with each other.

we discussed going out for my birthday, and so last night we all went out to a club. it was pretty crazy. by the time i was crazy drunk (off of an apparently bad combination of jagermeister and tequila), K discovered aruka-san about to have sex with two strange men in the bathroom. o_0 K was so mad...i think he must've scared the guys away. i went to talk to aruka-san, who told me that he's not dating K...and then they ended up fighting some more, and i don't really know how that turned out. i was busy trying not to puke by then.

oh, and in the bathroom i think i made some really dumb comments to aruka-san...which ended up being strangely fitting later.

when we were going home, aruka-san apparently decided he couldn't wait to get out of the car before getting into K's pants. that was...really hot, actually.

somehow...the three of us ended up in bed together. >_> that was...shocking, amazing, hot...and i can't believe it happened. right afterward i ended up puking, finally, thanks to the alchohol. wasn't the last time, either. x_x

this morning i talked to aruka-san a little bit. i don't know what i missed, but it seems that he and K managed to talk things through and aruka-san seemed quite pleased with things. so that's good. even though it looks like they can have some real drama between them, i do think they make each other happy. i don't want to get in the way of that.
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